Broker Websites:

Every Mortgage Alliance professional is provided with a fully responsive, compliant and customizable website equipped with:

  • An online application
  • Customizable banner, buttons and personalized content
  • Calculators
  • Rates (that can be customized!)
  • Lead-capturing forms
  • Blog
  • Customer Testimonials
  • Social and google customer testimonial integration
  • Google places integration
  • SEO optimized content
  • Plus premium add-ons and services including chat bots, analytics and more.
Win Your Mortgage Payments For A Year Sweepstakes Up To $25,000:

Nothing like a giveway to set you apart, excite customers and help thank them for their trust and loyalty. All of our agents’ customers are automatically entered for a chance to win a year’s worth of their mortgage payments up to $25,000! With quarterly giveaways, it pays to use the RightBroker! Over 1 Million in prizes has been awarded to our brokers’ customers.

A prequalification tool:

Offer your customers an instant online mortgage pre-qualification so they can shop with confidence. Customers receive a free credit score and a prequalification certificate confirming the maximum mortgage amount they can qualify for.

Every Mortgage Alliance professional receives their own prequalification tool allowing them to generate leads on their website, social media or referral source websites and other communication channels.

Social media management:

Mortgage Alliance professionals have access to social media management services on day 1 at no additional cost. Choose your content type and preferred frequency and our team will take care of the rest. The content is then strategically crafted to inform, educate ad motivate mortgage consumers.  Let us handle the heavy lifting while you enjoy the benefits of having an online presence that is consistently relevant and engaging. Plus of course you’ll be generating valuable leads without lifting a finger. Over 8.7 million impressions generated on our pages in the last year.

MAC Studio - Marketing Material Generator

Access marketing assets and generate personalized marketing pieces in seconds using the MAC Studio platform for brokers. The platform houses hundreds of marketing pieces, resources, a feature sheet generator and much more!

Marketing support:

Behind every great Mortgage Alliance Professional is a seasoned marketing and digital team that is here to assist with your unique needs and initiatives. Everything from consultation, design, fulfillment and much more, the marketing team is here to help you succeed. Our digital team also offers local SEO analysis, site health reviews, source agencies for brokers, all at no extra cost.

Automated monthly emails:

Monthly automated customer communication that is timely, professionally written and designed to generate leads. Phenomenal 40% open rate!

Weekly automated rate advisor:

Keeping you top of mind with your prospects and referral sources.

Direct mail marketing:

IMPACT post-transaction direct mail program with communications triggered automatically on deal specific dates and designed to keep you top of mind with existing customers, generate referrals and repeat business.

Bank of Canada announcement communications:

Sent on each announcement, keeping your customers informed.

Targeted communications to your database:

Ready to use communications and pre-set database filters allowing you to easily launch targeted communications and mine your database.


Allows you to quickly uncover refinance and renewal opportunities within your own portfolio by combining market data and the information in your database.

See it in action, book a demo!

Tools To help you build your business

As an award winning full service network, we offer you everything you need togrow a successful business, remain competitive, and exceed customer expectations. Being part of the M3 Group, Mortgage Alliance is also able to leverage and extend unique partnerships and innovative solutions.

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