Mortgage Alliance brokers get access to the industry’s leading open platform, BOSS, and other integrated technology solutions provided by M3 Tech.

BOSS helps brokers manage and grow their business efficiently by systemizing all processes and workflows, integrating key partner relationships and services, as well as automating communications and lead generating programs, all in one place.  Important features and integrations are available at our brokers’ fingertips in BOSS to significantly reduce the time a broker needs to work on a transaction including:

Lead capturing capability & management:

Allows you to capture leads through applications like: websites, the pre-qualification tool, Facebook, and Zapier then funnel them all into one spot for lead management.

Task management:

Tools to delegate tasks to team members or partners.

Direct access:

Seamless connectivity to lenders and partners.

Compliance & payroll:

An easy and intuitive compliance and payroll process so you can get paid faster.

Communication tools:

Post transaction and lead generating automated communications tools.

Data mining with SmartViews:

SmartViews automatically identifies renewal and refinance opportunities in your database based on today’s market.

Deal entry & submission features:
  • Customer portal for secure data sharing and document collection
  • CRA document retrieval with snapNOA
  • Bank statement access with Flinks
  • Electronic signatures with OneSpan
  • MyClosing integration allowing you to transfer customer docs to their lawyer directly from BOSS
Tech support:

Access personalized training and walk-throughs, weekly webinars, plus over 70 video tutorials with your dedicated customer success manager. The support team is available 7 days/week to ensure you’re well taken care of.

Tools To help you build your business

As an award winning full service network, we offer you everything you need togrow a successful business, remain competitive, and exceed customer expectations. Being part of the M3 Group, Mortgage Alliance is also able to leverage and extend unique partnerships and innovative solutions.

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