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At Mortgage Alliance our goal is to deliver value, expand our network’s expertise and broaden the impact our brokers have on consumers' financial lives. With our goal in mind, we strive to provide the optimum environment, resources, and care, enabling our team of mortgage professionals to provide customers with the most professional service and unparalleled expertise.

Broker Focused

Our focus is to providing brokers with an environment that enhances their value proposition, diversifies their service offering, and ensures they reach their full potential and remain competitive in the market.


We continue to build on the great Mortgage Alliance Family foundation that prospers a safe community which offers equal opportunities and is free of bullying and harassment for everyone to work and grow.

Headed By A Strong leader

In 2022, industry veteran Elaine Taylor joined the organization as Mortgage Alliance President. A true trailblazer, Elaine Taylor has over 35 years of experience in the industry and has been an inspiration to many. From a career perspective, she was part of the mortgage brokering world before moving to the lending space where she became a strategic leader and an instrumental part of the company’s success. In 2022, Elaine forged the way for many women by becoming the first female president of a super brokerage.

She has been a huge contributor to the mortgage industry and actively involved in the Mortgage broker community. She’s been involved with several industry associations including holding key roles at AMBA (Director), MPC Foundation (Board), MPC Committees, and the MPC Board as the 3rd female chair. She was also a founding member of WIMI ( Women in the Mortgage Industry ).

Elaine has been a mentor and coach to many members of the mortgage industry and has been recognized for her wonderful contributions throughout the years. She was awarded the CMP Woman of Influence award 3 times and most recently has been inducted in the 2022 Canadian Mortgage Hall of Fame in the presence of hundreds of industry professionals who celebrated her success.

Elaine brings a tremendous amount of experience to Mortgage Alliance that is reflecting on the company’s success strategies, direction and growth plans.

Tools To help you build your business

As an award winning full service network, we offer you everything you need togrow a successful business, remain competitive, and exceed customer expectations. Being part of the M3 Group, Mortgage Alliance is also able to leverage and extend unique partnerships and innovative solutions.

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